Upper Extremity Pain Treatment


Do you have a weak shoulder?

Are you experiencing pain deep inside your shoulder joint?

Do you have pain when you raise your arm or wash your hair?


When the shoulder muscles and joints don’t work together this leads to joint inflammation, bursitis and even muscle tears, which leads to pain.


Our role at The Sport And Health Clinic is to create a tailored shoulder pain treatment plan for every individual to balance the shoulder muscles and increase their strength while promoting correct shoulder joint movement.


Do you experience pain when moving your elbow?
Are you unable to play sports due to the pain?
Are the muscles around the elbow tender?

Golfers Elbow and Tennis Elbow are the two most common arm related injuries seen at The Sport And Health Clinic. Triggered by repetitive micro-trauma, the muscles around the forearm and elbow become irritated and inflamed causing pain. At The Sport And Health Clinic reducing the inflammation is our number one priority and this is achieved through our elbow pain treatment plan that includes muscle release techniques and rehabilitation.


Do you have restricted wrist movements?
Do you suffer from numbness in your fingers?
Do you have a painful click?

Most common causes of wrist pain include carpal tunnel, joint sprains and muscles strains. These are generally as a result of direct trauma or overuse. At The Sport And Health Clinic we aim to restore correct movement both at the wrist and elbow through our wrist pain treatment plan, which will decrease pain by taking pressure off the muscles, joints and nerves.

Chiropractic treatment is proven to help reduce and eliminate common upper extremity symptoms experienced in the shoulder, elbow or wrist. Chiropractors investigate and locate any potential interference in the spinal vertebrae that may be causing compression of the nerves of which in turn can cause mild to acute pain. If you are experiencing significant upper extremity pain, you may need to seek chiropractic treatment!

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