Effective Upper & Mid Back Pain Treatment

Do you feel tightness between your shoulders?
Do you feel uncomfortable sitting for extended periods of time?

Do you feel like you have terrible posture?


The lifestyles of today’s world have seen this becoming an increasing issue, commonly treated at The Sport and Health Clinic. Whether you sit behind a desk all day or are involved in vigorous manual labour, you may be increasing your postural stress. This can be felt as a dull ache across the shoulders or stiffness down the back and is caused by overactive postural muscles and an imbalance in the back joints.

Chiropractic treatment is a great way of alleviating and managing upper back pain caused by swelling or tension of joints and muscles. Adjustments are conducted to reduce help reduce inflammation and improve overall function of the affected upper back areas. If you are experiencing upper back pain, you may need to seek chiropractic treatment!


At The Sport And Health Clinic our uniquely tailored upper & mid back pain treatment aims to increase the strength of your postural muscles and create correct spinal movement. Contact us today to book in an appointment with one of our chiropractors in our conveniently located facility in Gregory Hills near Camden, Narellan, Oran Park & Mount Annan.