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Improve The Function Of Your Body And Spine With Chiropractic Care From The Sport And Health Clinic

Are you suffering from severe back or neck pain? Do you have a history of migraines or headaches? Has your sciatic pain been getting worse over the past several months? If any of the answers to the questions is yes or if you have some other issues related to your spinal cord, then this is the right time to book an appointment with a professional chiropractor. A chiro in Harrington Park can bring you relief from all these pains and issues.

The Sport And Health Clinic - the chiropractic clinic for your needs:

We know that chiropractic is an evidence-informed and modern health care approach, which can improve the health of many people experiencing lack of mobility and pain. Therefore, at The Sport And Health Clinic in Harrington Park, we place a great emphasis on spinal care as this is the most direct physical link to the central nervous system of our body, including the brain. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine help improve neurological functions that can allow the body to improve a complete range of physiological functions.

Here are some reasons why visiting a chiropractor at our clinic makes sense:

  1. To correct or rehabilitate long-term spinal issues

  2. To get relief from symptoms like pains, aches, or dysfunction

  3. To form an overall approach to good health


Chiro care approaches we offer:

  • Corrective care: This care addresses all the bad and long-term habits with spinal movement. Here the chiropractor helps retrain how the spine moves while helping to stop relapses or similar types of injuries later. The corrective care also needs regular and consistent adjustments over months or weeks based on the case. After this time, at pre-decided periods, full progress examinations are conducted by the experts to measure progress.

  • Symptomatic care: This care aims to address the immediate concerns of the patients as early as possible. This is probably the most intensive care stage that aims to restore joint functions while quickly controlling inflammation.


What can you expect by choosing us?

  1. Once you visit our clinic in Harrington Park, the professional chiro would perform a basic assessment. This includes a series of orthopaedic, medical, neurological, and spinal assessments based on the present health requirements of patients. This assessment would take around 30-45 minutes of time. Sometimes, gentle assessments can be performed in the initial consultation based on the findings of the assessments.

  2. After examining the medical history of the patient and discussing their particular health issue, the chiro can perform a thorough neurological, orthopaedic, and movement examination. Then, the experts explain the findings of these examinations, and this is where they can recommend the right chiropractic change. Periodic tests and follow-up reports are also performed to monitor the patient’s progress.


Next, the chiropractor uses safe, scientifically verified methods for treating issues like nerve irritation, spinal misalignment, and pain. The expert can also address different sports injuries like sprains and strains. With preventive check-ups, it becomes possible to identify the issues much before those become symptomatic and to address those effectively with the right strategies.